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Dear Alternative Photographic Processes Practitioner,

alt photo products is introducing collodio-chloride printing-out paper [also known as Aristotype] as an alternative to the discontinued Centennial POP. It is similar to Centennial in appearance, gloss, speed and contrast. The collodion based silver chloride emulsion is applied to baryta coated rag paper in the U.S.. The shelf life of refrigerated paper is six months. It is recommended to be exposed and processed within thirty days.

alt photo products collodio-chloride paper was developed according to the research of historic formulas by Mark Osterman of George Eastman House. Collodion printing papers were typically toned with gold chloride and have earned the reputation as the most archival of all silver halide photographic papers.

APP Collodio-Chloride POP


APP Year Round One on One Two Day Workshop: Making Collodio-Chloride Printing-Out Paper (Aristotype) with a manufacturer Victor Petryakov.

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